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nottmbantam 17-12-2010 12:17 AM

E72 - Sim Card Failed?
Folks-got a problem with the E72 not recognising my UK Orange PAYG Sim Card - any ideas?

Bought the phone unlocked here in the UK back in August. Used the same Orange sim card and it worked fine, no problems at all. Took the phone out to Saudi, and then put in my Saudi PAYG sim card which again worked fine.

Got back here to UK yesterday and not just cannot get the Orange sim card to work with the phone. I get the same message all the time- " Sim Card Registration failed ".

It's not the sim card as it works fine my old N95 and my wife's 5800. Her O2 sim card won't work in the E72 either. THe phone only seems to work with Saudi sim cards , not the Orange or O2 cards.

Have done all sorts with the (E72 ) phone, including hard re-set and also re-installing the latest FW update, still no luck.

Any ideas? TIA

nottmbantam 17-12-2010 10:16 PM

So - went into a local phone shop to buy a car charger and explained the problem to the guy behind the counter. His theory:

THe guy I bought the phone from ( eBay ) had a contract ( sim free ) handset. He sold it on eBay. I bought it. He then later reports the handset as lost, and gets a brand new handset ( plus the profits from selling the first handset ) . His phone company then blocks the handset.

I in the meantime am using the handset abroad, so it works fine. As soon as I get back to the UK, it stops working. So the 'block' only works in the UK and with UK networks.

How realistic does this sound - does it sound like I've been done?

It's a shame, I wanted the E72 to work in Saudi AND in England, and feel quite cheesed off with the guy who sold it to me.

jApi NL 18-12-2010 01:36 PM

They probably abandonned your IMEI no . Guess to send an Email to O2 and/or Orange to get information about the issue . In such a case , the Phone selling Company c.q. Insurance Company got cheated also . It will be their interest as well .

:) Regards jApi NL

nottmbantam 19-12-2010 11:33 AM

Contacted the eBay seller, no reply yet, somehow I don't think I'm going to get one!

Will go to the Orange shop in the City Centre and explain. Rang Orange Customer Services yesterday, but over the phone there was no option really to address the issue, all I could get was a PUK UnBlock code - which didn't work...

Anyway, I'm now in two / three minds:

1 - do I go out and buy another E72 ( but this time from a 'reputable' seller ), and which I know will work in Saudi AND UK

2 - Do I just stick with the N95 - which is still a great phone ( best camera I've personally used on a phone )

3 - Do I splash out on a 'modern' handset, maybe contract, was thinking about a Desire Z?

I do like the E72, the form and it's a pretty good performer, the free voice guidance on Ovi Maps is used quite often in Saudi and in the UK.


nottmbantam 21-12-2010 10:31 PM

So, went into the Orange shop, explained the problem, they checked the IMEI number and confirmed the phone has been blacklisted in the UK - so I can still use it abroad, but obviously not here ( UK ) .

Still no reply from the eBay seller, and having looked on eBay Resolution Centre, I can't seem to raise a complaint, as the item number is a few months old now, and it's invalid.

I don't think I can be bothered on shelling out for another handset, so will carry on using the N95. It needs a couple of running repairs, but still a pretty solid performer.

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