View Full Version : E55 firmware

09-04-2011, 01:30 PM
hi all

i've noticed how the e52 and e72 seem to racing ahead in the firmware stakes, while nothing seems to happening on the e55

ive got an e55, and as usual i have a few little niggles
1. constantly running out of memory! even after a reset
2. if the phone is on silent/general and im trying to enter text (either via sms/email/web/opera mini and i do a handful of spelling mistakes, this can cause the phone to lock up, power button wont even switch it off, battery out job
3. sometimes after ignoring a call, this can cause the phone to freeze, and what looks like it goes through a reload of the GUI
4. menu's slow to respond
5. exchange integration - i use mail for exchange and while it works okay, some fields on my contacts arnt represented in outlook, also the ability to not sync a specific folder would be handy, same goes for the calender syncing, also look at other calenders
6. ability to uninstall Traveller! dont want it or need it
7. ability to put opera mini as default browser

other than these niggles i really love this phone, does everything i need, it just seems to be forgotten about, while the e52 gets the fixes

come on nokia, keep up please, i'm starting to lose confidence in you