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14-12-2010, 10:31 PM
After a painfully long summer waiting for the N8 to arrive (my otherwise wonderful e51 had for some time been having reception issues, another story...) I have now had the N8 for some time and got used to it. Some things though do seem a little strange about how it all works.

Wi-fi This does seem to dip in and out a bit, will be connected and then will drop, sometimes not see it, sometimes be fine. Any one else get this? No real patten to it all, and seems to sort it self out pretty quickly with no input from me.

Podcatcher works well but does seem to do a a few strange things. The weirdest and i would hope most easily fixed is that the Photos viewer grabs the image of the podcast so when i look at my photos they are inter-sped with podcast images. It;s a bit unnerving having Steve Litchfield staring out at you form your photos.

Music Player. no easy way to limit the folders it looks in or to automate it to check for new donwloads. Feels like i should be able to alter its settings but can not see a way to do it at the moment.
Outside of those couple of points and general slight unease at touch screens i am really liking it.

Apps i use a lot and like, in no particular order:

Swype - genius.

Wellness Diary - really like, alcohol units taking a bit of a beating at the moment.

Situations - still getting used to it. At my home location i picked up 9 cell in Network Location

(Dark grey N8 Made in Finland pay and go from tesco)

15-12-2010, 12:33 AM
Hi, ive been having the same issues with the wifi, really dont know why it doesnt stay connected - I took my first N8 back because of it but ive come to the conclusion its an issue with them all.
Im REALLY looking forward to the big update promised. There are loads of little issues that frustrate me with the N8.

15-12-2010, 02:01 PM
I agree with what you said about podcatcher. It's not just that tho, album art sometimes gets picked up by the gallery - so going through your pictures, you'll eventually see a mean looking 50cent staring back at you or an image of Rihanna's sexy body which could be hard to explain to your nan when you're showing her your pics.

Also, the music player picks up your ringtones as well which can also be annoying.

An easy fix would just be to specify for both the gallery and music player which folders to watch or scan!