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05-10-2010, 05:52 PM
New here so i apologize if this is in the wrong section. I have recently acquired a Nokia e5 and am looking for an answer to a problem i just can't figure out.

I'm attempting to put some films onto the phone but n matter what i do to convert them to mp4 they will not fill the whole screen. Every time i get black lines top and bottom and the movie fits about an inch of the screen.

I'm using dvdfab 6 to convert as it has a file to mobile option and have tried using the built in real player but to no avail.

Can anybody point me in the right direction and suggest a way to get this sorted. Is there a better media player available?

any help will be gratefully received as this will help pass the time when i'm stuck on night shifts

06-10-2010, 08:36 PM
Hi Again
Well I've been trying out all sorts of things and can now announce that i have come up with a solution to my problem. I'm going to describe this as best i can as i don't believe I'm the only person out there that wants to put films on their E5.

The solution was actually pretty simple but due to hidden detail on a page, it was one that had me stuck for quite a while.

Ok so the program i use is dvdfab 6. The film files are usually avi.

1.After opening dvdfab 6 select the file to mobile option in the left hand box.
2.Hover over the more option and select mp4 from the box that appears.
3.Next choose the film you want from the source section by clicking on the file icon and finding the file your film(s) are in. Click on selected film and then click on ok.
4.Next find the profile box (bottom of page) and from the drop down menu select Nokia n93/n95 option.
5.Click on edit (next to profile box) this will open another page.
6. you will see to frame resolution choices, check the 320x240 option.
7.Next click on the video effect settings button (opens another page). will see three options in the top left corner,
9. selecting one of these will give you the 320x240 option in the box below when you find it check it. On the right you should have two pictures from the film on the smaller bottom one you should now have two black lines on the top and bottom.
10. In the top left off this page select crop and this will show a slider bar with letterbox at one end and pan and scan at the other. Move this right to the pan and scan end and you will see the lower picture fill the black sections.
11. Now this is where i got stumped. Possibly due to a small screen and the size of this page i could not see the ok and cancel buttons at the bottom of the page. I had to drag the page as high as i could and then drag the start bar down to reveal them.
12. Click on the ok button, this will automatically return you to the previous page.
13. click on ok and then your ready to go, just click start. Conversion takes around 40 mins.
14. Once done open the target folder connect phone to comp (i use mass storage option). I then choose to open up the "my computer" option from the start menu and then open the phone drive to reveal the file folders. I then simply drag and drop the converted file into the videos file on the phone.

I use the real player on the phone with good results and yes i realise that this method crops the actual picture but having watched three films on my phone i personally don't find it ruins anything and would rather have it like this than having the black lines i find you get if you don't do this.

I hope this is helpful to anybody wanting to view films on their phone without having to watch them with two black bars top and bottom.