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10-06-2010, 05:15 AM
Hi Guys

new here and very unfamiliar with symbian and nokia.

We are about to buy a couple of phones, specifically the e72 for our business. The business does not use exchange only outlook. Our domain email provider can support imap and pop3 but what we need from the phones is the ability to syncronise the sent items.

this means that we can recieve the email on the phone, email a reply and then after syncronisation have the sent mail back on the computer meaning we have a record of what was sent and as it gets backed up every night it means we have a backup of the sent mail. this is quite important to us.

Do you know if the e72 can do this, i have searched high and low and am drawing a blank. if not is there any phone that can do this?



10-06-2010, 12:54 PM
I'm *pretty* certain that the E72 will do this, but I think it will be dependant on your email client?

From experience, I use Gmail on the ( Mac ) laptop and the E72 has a Gmail client. If I send an email on the E72, it will show up on my 'Sent Mail' folder on the laptop, so the server will sync with the E72 and the Mac.

One slight downside is that if I check new mail on the E72, and read all new messages, when I then check on the laptop later in the day, all the messages I have read show up in Bold ( unread ) on the laptop. Slightly out of sync there, but generally pretty good.

Hope that helps in some roundabout way....

21-06-2010, 12:02 PM

I've used ProfiMail for a long time which I prefer over the default mail client. i believe this has a setting to specify whether to upload sent messages, and you can specify the folder on the mail server to have them uploaded to.

I havn't set this up, but it sounds like it would allow to do what you need if you are not using Gmail.

(no i don't work for lonelycatgames who make profimail btw, have used it for years and always preferred it to the default client! :D )