View Full Version : problem wifi 5730 xpressMusic

01-04-2010, 05:07 PM
Hello everyone... i need a help.. please help me about my handphone.. i hope u all can help me :D

First i want to ask.. my nokia 5730xm when connect to wlan, after i put WEP security key.. it has connect perfect.. but if i just disconnect the wlan... when i want to enter the wlan that i just disconnect.. i must put the WEP again?? my question is.. Is Nokia 5730XM cannot automatic logged into the wlan that i just put WEP key as usually??
I dont want to put the wep key again and again and again.. before this i use sony g705.. i jst put the wep for the first time.. and then if i want to connect to the internet the other day.. i just connect and no need to put wep key again.. so i think Nokia 5730 also like this.. or my phone is problem??

Can anyone help me please?? :D