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27-03-2010, 11:46 AM

I would like some feedback/info from the other members. I have a Nokia E72.

1. I am looking for a good photo hosting/sharing site which will let me upload unlimited photos and also share them. Also, customization online like creating albums, moving pictures etc. I would be much obliged if I could get information/reviews about such sites.
2. The best way I have found to upload photos is to email them. Share Online unfortunately is not easy to work with and will not allow me to upload multiple files at one go (unless I'm doing something wrong). Is there a better app/software or even a way to upload multiple pics or is emailing them the best option.


28-03-2010, 04:20 PM
Hi moserw,

have you tried Ovi for on-line photo sharing? It lets you upload multiple photos if you use the Ovi client for your computer. It also allows you to create albums.

It's the only one I'm familiar with and seems to work well. There are lots of photo-sharing sites out there.


28-03-2010, 04:54 PM
Hey guys not many shutterbugs here? Have got only one reply...

@tebutler - Thanks for the reply.

Actually I'm looking to upload from the mobile itself (Nokia E72). It will beat the hassle of copying the pics to the PC and everything else including the bandwidth (using wifi) will be the same.

I did try but none of the pics I sent got uploaded. Seems Nokia needs to work on this and other parts of their Ovi services.

As of now the best I've found to be is Picasa and I'm planning on going pro with it since the free usage is limited to 1 GB.

Any other inputs would be appreciated.