View Full Version : Updated: Handy Day from Epocware for the P800

20-03-2003, 01:31 AM
The excellent Handy Day just got even better. Version 2.0 of Handy Day features several bug fixes, but also some great new features. Themes (change some colours of the UI), and more toolbar buttons (allows new messages, appoinments, calls etc. to be made from Handy Day), zooming, and best of all cycling through future days using the jog dial.

What's new in Handy Day 2.0:
* Jog dial up and down change the current date. Jog dial press invokes the New popup.
* Check of new mail for IMAP mail accounts.
* Toolbar with New, Task list, Connect, Lock and Color schemes buttons.
*Show Tasks list.
*Show Tasks for next N days.
* Zoom.
* Color schemes!
* Memory indicator in the top-right corner.
* Lock phone feature (useful in Flip removed mode).
* Many other small changes and improvements.