View Full Version : How to edit uiq3 sis file

15-03-2010, 01:27 AM
I want to change the key control for sis game.
Let say the sis game key control is original for p800, I want to change it to p1i.
How to do it?
I already unpack the sis file content, what to do next?

Note: The sis game I want to edit is 'interstella flames 2'

15-03-2010, 05:50 AM
Not that easy... You can, indeed, unpack the .sis file, but all you get is binary executable files, binary resource files and any data files the application developer needs (most of them probably also binary).

Then you'd have to know ARM assembly code to disassemble the binaries, and figure out the software logic so that you can change/patch the behaviour. Most likely, based on your question, you lack the necessary skills for doing that (which might take you a year or a few to acquire).

In this case, to port a game to another device, without having the source code, your best bet is to learn to program and rewrite it from scratch so that it looks like and behaves like the original (also a project that'll probably take you years).

You could also try to find the original game developer (company or person), and ask if they have plans to port the game to the newer device. Allthough, if you manage to contact them, the answer is most probably no (as the P1i is also a fairly old device, if they planned to do so, they probably already would have done it).

However, if you manage to track the developer down, you could ask if you could get or buy the original sources (that might be expensive, but it'd save you a lot of time in recreating the game from scratch).

In other words: If the game isn't really, really, really important to you, it is easiest if you forget about trying to get it to work on your phone.