View Full Version : Selling my i8910--$250

Russell G.
12-03-2010, 04:16 PM
The firm I work for has made all attorneys switch to Blackberrys and a new carrier (Verizon-CDMA) so I am selling my i8910 phone to those who I know will give it a good home. I love my Omnia HD, and will miss it greatly.

Ok, here is what you get if you buy it:

1. Clean like new model--got it for Christmas and did not use it until Jan. 1, 2010. No scratches, no dirt. 16gb model. I have babied it from the beginning in a case.
2. Car Charger, wall charger, original box, receipt, sw, etc. in original box.
3. 2 usb cables.
4. I will reset it to factory settings so basically you get an almost new phone.
5. Rom has never been upgraded or touched.

If you wish to contact me about it, use my e-mail address below.

BTW, I love the Symbian forum and it has helped me greatly with S50 issues on my i8910. Thanks to all who have contributed.