View Full Version : E75 Call Quality

13-12-2009, 11:06 PM
Unless I missed it, I can find no reference at all in the E75 review on this site, as to how this device performs as a 'phone (i.e. what its call quality is like).
I should say that as a relative newcomer to mobile 'phone reviews, I am astonished at how often this feature of a device - is omitted.
I have come across some user reviews of the E52 and E55 which highlight an issue with poor call quality (see the 'Nokia Support Forum' on the official Nokia website for example) and I read somewhere else that poor call quality may be an issue for the E75 too.
I recently bought a Nokia 6600i slide and was appalled by the speaker quality when compared with that of my trusty (and crystal clear) 8910i (and 6060 for that matter).
Having graduated through the Psion Series 3, 5, 7 and netBook schools, this 'phone naturally attracted my attention. However, I would be extremely disappointed if I bought an E75 and the call quality turned out to be a closer match to my new Nokia than my old ones.
Anyone care to comment on this issue?
Many thanks in anticiaption.