View Full Version : Looks like Samsung is dropping Symbian.

11-11-2009, 11:04 AM
Didn't want to believe the initail reports, but it appears to be firming up.

Hope this is just a mis-interpretation...

11-11-2009, 01:19 PM
Samsung seems to use every mobile OS under the sun, including their own.

13-11-2009, 10:16 AM
Looks like the initial news story may have been... inaccurate.

Its a shame that "All about" Symbian hasn't appeared to have reported on something as important as this. You would have thought that a entire company possibly dropping the Symbian OS would have been newsworthy, but hey ho....

Similarly, i haven't seen anything about the upcoming Satio firmware release (in the next couple of weeks according to SE). But we had to spend ages scrolling past "2.0" reports and discussions

In fact AAS hasn't reported much else about the Satio since its launch. Quite a lot about a 'mini' phone that hasn't even launched yet, but not much about other 5th edition phones not made by Nokia.

Maybe it is time for AAS to finally come clean and finally become "All About Espoo"

30-11-2009, 10:22 AM
seems all about symbian is a boit more orientated towards nokia these days

the i8910 is sorely underated

i would say they see the mini as a better device and i just cant understnd why that would be

the i8910 pummels it into the ground in nearly everyway

they havent had much coverage on the satio either which is a shame

at the min iam loving my i8910 in the last few months ive had four n97 go through my hands , two n86s , you work the cost of that out its getting on for 3000 pounds worth of hardware , did i get one phone where i was happy with the build quality or a working gps module on any of them phones , like hell did i 3000 pounds worth of phones nearly , count the handsets there is 6 of them and not one wasa fully working phone

i get a 3rd hadn 6 month old i8910 and it still oozes quality and all features work , something my latest 6 nokias couldnt do out of the box , obvously i returned them to the shops and gave up ands now iam wandering why i didnt just buy the i8910 at the start would have save me alot of hassle

the reason i didnt buy the omnia hd because of sites like this that put nokia on a pedestall and made it sound sooooo much better then the omnia hd when the omnia hd is simply no questions asked the better phone

why didnt any of the reviewers notice the scratched camera that i did with 3 days of use

seriously i dont know why this phone is so underated its crazy

its so far ahead of its time that 7-8 months after relase no phone can match it for hardware

samsung support hasnt been great but it has been over at

with people cooking up roms etc the samsung shouldnt be overlooked and i hope they continue to do symbian as they doa better job of it then nokia