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15-10-2009, 11:33 PM
First of all, HI EVERYONE! I bought a Motorola RIZR Z8 Green 2 months ago, and I'm already extremely mad at it :D .

I made a topic on another forum (and I will not reveal its name since I beleive it's forbidden) about... Well, you'll see :) . I copy-pasted it here too, coz I'm desperate :) .

Alright, here we go :) .

I'm sick of my Z8's "reliability". And by that, I mean BATTERY. Although it's 1030 mAh (just like the Nokia E51), it doesn't last longer than a day (3G deactivated, slow network research, browsing with Opera for 2-3 minutes per hour - checking my IM :D ; 4/7 light) or 3-4 hours if I play games for ~1 hour, browse the Internet a bit more. The E51 lasts for ~2 days, with WiFi usage, gaming, music and radio. So, obviously, the Z8's battery ain't no match with the E51's.

Anyway... You all know those above :P .

Now, my point...

Does anybody know what can we do to consume a bit less battery? Here's what I've already done :
-Band : 900/1800 MHz (so, it's GSM, not 3G)
-Registration Preference : Auto
-Search frequency : Slow
-Screen brightness : 4/7
-Screen saver timeout : 15 seconds
-Screen saver : None
-Theme : Black (80 KB) - kind of Stock (that green theme that comes along with the device :) ), but not gray & green, but black & green :D
-There is E:\Resource folder, with icons for main menu and slider (of course :D ) but I doubt that consumes power at all
-No program for startup. Although I have BootMan and Swiss Manager Pro, I don't use BootMan to set it to automatically turn on Swiss on every boot - but I do use Swiss Manager Pro to End all tasks and Reclaim memory after I use Opera or any other application, so the RAM is usually 100% free (except those ~30-36 MB... OS...).

This is what I beleive consumes power. If I had 3G enabled and browsed the Internet for 30 minutes (EDGE connection - wap apn - not 3G - internet apn), the battery was already 2/3 lines. (This is an example)

So... Does anybody know more tips & tricks for the Z8? I want to do everything to keep this battery alive for longer time periods! But I don't want to turn the screen light to lower than 4 (it's hard to see + disturbing). So... Anyone? :D