View Full Version : New.. and with an odd problem..?

22-09-2009, 10:39 PM
Hi phone bods!

Yes, am new here.. and have a problem that I have searched out and have not a clue as to how to resolve it.. hence, I'm here..

1) Have a Nokia 6500 Classic which got it's screen smashed.. so.. can't see anything.. but the actual phone still works!

2) Bought a Nokia 6700 and have tried to transfer backup all of the 6500 data via PC Suite..

3) Unfortunately it wasn't completely compatible (apparently) and transfered only 4 (of over 150) messages and only a single contact.. ?? through the 'backup to another phone' method.. figured all of the numbers may be on the SiM instead, but none of them show up when I put it into the new phone..

4) Someone suggested I switch on Bluetooth in the old 6500 and transfer via bluetooth to the 6700.. Problem is.. the screen is smashed and I need to know the 'exact' step by step button actions in order to activate the bluetooth.. but as I cannot see the screen.. have no idea how to get there..?? can anybody with a 6500 help.. (e.g. switch on, navigate left, select, navigate down twice, select, navigate right.. etc..?)

Ridiculous, i know.. but seems the only way.. unless anybody can help? Please!! Apologies for having no idea about where to put this kind of request in the forums.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help..