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20-07-2009, 11:39 AM
I'm trying to read my hotmail on my G900 cellphone.
This works partially.
I can log in, I can see the list of messages in my inbox, I can send a new message but I CANNOT open a message that's in the inbox.
When I open such a mail I always get XML parsing failed, not well formed ( line ??? character ???) and then there's a red cursor at the line with
meta-http-equiv=content-Type on the character c of content .

I live in Belgum and I have Proximus as operator
The firmware of the phone is
PDA software version 1203-8784 R6K842
Phone 1203-6566-R9N002
CDA 1204-3148 R6K836

I also tried to read my company mail via OWA (Outlook Web Access) and this worked perfectly.
Now I'm looking for another browser for my G900 that fully supports hotmail.
I tried

ozone (I cannot get it to work)
Digia @web (no longer supported) and the version I tried does not allow me to goto another page
opera mobile 9.5 beta 2 for uiq: this enabled me to look at my hotmail but not in mobile view, this is a beta and is no longer supported for uiq, no more dev done

netfront 3.5 seems to be good but I annot find it anywhere (I can only find the rel 3?5 for windows mobile)
are there any other (free) web browsers for uiq and if yes where can I find them?

More specific I am looking for netfront for uiq, I cannot find it anywhere up to now.
I stiil like a solution for opening hotmail with the built-in opera mobile 8.65.


09-08-2009, 04:17 PM
you can using it's more usable.