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20-07-2009, 08:52 AM
Hi, I was just wondering what people's opinions on the subject of debranding are. I have had the i8910 for a couple of months now, and I am not as blown away as I hoped I would be. I am with orange and understand that their branded software is the reason that I am slightly underwhelmed by my phone, is this the case? I am thinking of debranding my phone, and was just wondering if it is worth it. Also, my laptop runs with windows vista, and I cannot use this to debrand (is this correct?), what would I have to do? Finally, has anyone written any reviews etc on debranding the i8910? I would really appreciate any and all feedback on this, thanks.

20-07-2009, 11:25 AM
1) you will void the warranty (but perhaps if you can download & put the old firmware back on (this is possible, see FAQs on link below), then noone will know you had debranded... (?)
2) I found it easy to do, I managed it via XP (no idea about Vista, sorry) - 2h to download the files (as i am not a premium user for rapidshare), then 20min to flash them on after 10min backing up the data off my handset
see the FAQs on
3) I did this about a week ago, after deciding to go for it.
- I put on the Italian xxIF7 firmware, then via PC studio updater immediately downloaded the xxIG2 firmware - yes, the PC studio updater just magically worked straight away, as i guess it went to the Italian servers - & 10 min later, the handset rebooted itself & all ok. I put handset into English & started to reconfigure it all as i like it. The podcasts app is still very broken, my "Connected home" DLNA app is now totally broken in this xxIG2 firmware, but both of these are no big problems. More importantly, I haven't yet suffered from any battery drain problems!

Conclusion: if you can't wait for the UK servers and, therefore I guess easily keep your warranty contact... then I can RECOMMEND the xxIG2 italian firmware. It is a no-brainer IMO. My handset is much more stable than my previous xxIE2 Orange, there is no Orange rubbish, the browser is more stable, & the sound in HD recording is fine now, and no battery problems at all.
xxIG2 is the firmware Iwould say at the very least that Orange UK should have shipped with (withough their daft branding).
I would strongly advise using XP (I built my own PC to test things out just for the i8910, but you may not be so fortunate to have componnents to hand)
Good luck!

14-10-2009, 06:32 PM
Still on the latest (to date AFAIK) xxII1 firmware which is even better. Even now, quite rough around the edges, but at least it is somewhat stable. Comments on a postcard (and send it to Samsung UK) :o
[contentious comment: has anyone dumped the i8910 and gone for the i8000 yet? and wish to report direct on this forum? Or perhaps just PM me some juicy links. Is our friend Sammie selling another rough diamond, or if I bolt back to WinMo I'll be a happier camper than the last 4+ months?]

15-10-2009, 03:49 PM
hey mate can you tell me where you got the new italian firmware from


17-10-2009, 07:22 PM
Once you have debranded i.e. put on an italian firmware (see elsewhere on the 'net), then the PC studio application on your PC now detects your handset ok and downloads the latest xxII1 automatically - a handset reboot later, and you have it. PS just read my second post above... Good Luck!

EDIT: Nov 5 2009 - I've just gone back to whatever Orange UK still has as its Latest firmware ( it appears this is xxIF6 ) - suddenly my handset has become much faster than xxII1 - which I had been using for some time now (a couple of months). I think the i8910 likes to be 'refreshed' quite often (?) so perhaps a backup (assuming you can get this to work correctly) and reflashing once a month, might be an interesting thing to try!