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11-07-2009, 02:16 PM
Hi all, just the other day I managed to break the screen on my N81.

I plan on repairing the screen in the future, however I am heading away for 3 weeks on holiday tomorrow. So I purchased a cheap Nokia as a temporary replacement while I'm away only problem is, all my contacts were not saved to the SIM card, but are on the phone.

I was wandering if anyone could perhaps post up the the sequence of keys I would need to hit once the N81 has been turned on, to get the contacts all copied to the SIM. Its a long shot but I thought I may try my luck.

I am unable to connect the phone to my computer as I am missing the USB cable and software.

So I think this may be the only other solution given the time frame.

Thanks in advance.

jApi NL
11-07-2009, 06:21 PM
Download Nokia PC Suite to your Computer :
Since there is a microUSB 2.0 connector on your Phone , you can use a standard Cable - microUSB to USB cable - and connect , while the Phone is on . Wait a few minutes , since the interface pop-up asks for confirmation , so press navigation D-pad down .
Make a backup on your computer and reinstall on your other Phone .
Only when you made a backup on memorycard , slide the memorycard into the new phone , and copy contacts from Card to Phone memory . It's in the folder "Others" . Or use a Card reader to your computer .
Hope it works .....
The sequence I am not able to tell , since I don't have a N81 .

:) Regards jApi NL