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30-06-2009, 10:52 PM
Hi everyone,

This is my first post, and I'm sure won't be my last. Forgive the long introduction to this, but I felt it best to explain what's been going on, and what I'm looking to achieve. Hopefully someone here will be able to help me out :)

On my previous phone (the already mentioned N95 8gb), I had a program called Advanced Device Lock from Webgate. It permitted access to certain areas via a passcode. It worked brilliantly, within reason. A few foibles to learn how to get around, but by and large it did what I wanted to do.

I've got a fair amount of images and videos that I kept seperate from the normal Images folder on my N95. Using ADL I blocked access to the File Manager, and thus denying access to the images and videos (because no other application the phone was able to get to them).

Today, I received my N97. Naturally, I wanted to duplicate the setup that I had on the N95. Which is where the problems began...

On my N95, I created a sub-folder called "Stuff" within a main folder called "My Videos". Neither the video player or image viewer could see these images, yet when I browsed to the folder in File Manager, I was able to access everything. Brilliant! The same can't be said for the N97.

No matter where I created a folder directory for my to-be-hidden images and files, they constantly appeared in the "Photos" and "Videos" applications. In this situation, ADL is of no use, so I turned to another program - Smart Guard. This program allows you to literally hide individual files and folders (presumably activating some kind of "hidden" switch). But all this served to do was hide the files from the main File Manager... Within the Photos and Videos applications, I could still see everything...

I'm really not happy with this. I find it hard to believe that such a step backwards could have been taken with the development of a new version of S60.

Now, I've spent the entire day looking for file-locking programs and hints at how I could hide my files in a way similar to my N95 method, but I've come up with nothing. Can anyone help me with this situation? I'm not prepared to spend any more money on programs, unless I'm confident I can achieve what I want to achieve, which is:

1. Hide images and videos from the "Photos" and "Videos" applications.
2. Still be able to access these files from the File Manager (which will be password protected, that's not an issue).

To anyone who can help me solve this, there's a virtual drink in it for you ;). Cheers!

02-07-2009, 11:26 AM
Well, I managed to get around it by putting the images into a zip file, and then blocking access to the zip program. Seems to work for now.

jApi NL
02-07-2009, 12:47 PM
To be able hiding Foders and/or Files , from FileManager and "Gallery" you can use a third party FileManager :
--X-Plore | Y-Browser
X-Plore has a build-in Viewer , also able to open ZIP folders/files .

:) Regards jApi NL

02-07-2009, 01:15 PM
The other alternative is to connect to your pc using Mass Media mode and using file explorer to move all the secret files to another folder. Then click on the files/ folder and make them hidden (right click, properties and hidden).

Should then be hidden from view - but YBrowser should still be able to pick it up.

02-07-2009, 04:11 PM
Y-Browser works for images - after installing it use it to search for the image you want to hide select attributes and select hidden.

The above did not work for me with videos so I simplr rename the file with the extension .mp5 as against the true extension .mp4 The changed videos on longer show up anywhere but by finding the file and clicking on it it opens up and runs as normal.