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09-06-2009, 03:27 PM
Dear Forum users,
I am starting a new thread to discuss a 'complaint' process I have started up with Samsung UK, and would very much like to hear your feedback and/or direct me to any information on the internet I may have missed.

1) This is my first Samsung handset.
2) This is my first Symbian handset.
3) I am reasonably savvy enough to try new technology and put effort into getting things to work.
4) I bought the i8910 from Orange UK for many reasons, but one of the MAJOR reasons is that I had hoped to try out its DLNA wireless media function, which I noticed in the menus during an in-store demonstration. Why else buy a flagship handset when there is so much competition?! I could have settled for any number of handsets and had a relaxing life (smile),

Am I being unreasonable to think that since I am buying this handset for a premium, and that one of Samsung's advertised features is HD (1280x720) recording, that I ought to be able to 'easily' view such videos on my Samsung Full HD LCD A656 series television?

It is a fabulous handset. I have spent some considerable time trying to get my videos to play. Can anyone help here?

Tests to date:
Equipment: i8910 wireless via 802.11g router to a Sony PS3 (latest firmware) linked by HDMI to a Samsung A656 Full HD 1920x1080p television.

.mp4 files were put into the Mass Memory of the i8910 -

a) either ripped from DVD using a commercial encoder (by IMTOO) as an mp4-avc file designed for PSP (480x272; 768 kbps) or (368x208; 512 kbps)
b) taken on the i8910's camera - tried all 4 formats; 1280x720, 720x480(D1), 640x480, 320x240.
I suspect from reading these forums that the i8910 mp4s from the camera are not AAC audio encoded, which the PS3 supports, but AMR encoded (low quality, some call rubbish (I agree)) files.

Guess what?
The good news:
The mp4-aac encoded files (either 768 kbps or 512 kbps) intended for the PSP, actually stream off the i8910 through the PS3 and appear on my television! The 480x272, 768kbps file actually looks and sounds (64kbps joint stereo) very nice...but rebuffer every second.

The bad news:
NONE of the i8910 camera encoded video files play at all. The PS3 denies you by stating that the file is 'Unsupported data type'.

So... the mp4-avc files encoded for the PSP, whilst they 'playback' and look nice, they pause every second to rebuffer and are effectively unwatchable. You can pause the PS3 for 30 secs (i.e. in the background the data is buffering into the PS3 from the i8910's wireless DLNA server connection) and then you get some continuous playback, up to a point, until the buffer runs out.

My current conclusions:
Even though I am using a 802.11g network (54 mbps, probably 14-21 mbps throughput in reality), there is insufficient hardware bandwidth 'power', i.e. some bottleneck occurring, between the i8910 and PS3 to allow me to view any 1280x720 (even AMR) encoded mp4s direct from the i8910. The i8910 reports that these files are 7.5 mbps (i.e. about 1 megabyte per second).

Let's face it, even the above mp4-aac 512 kbps files, which I have been able to 'stream' ok, are unwatchable and require buffering every 1-2 secs (i.e. pause for 1-2 secs, every 1-2 secs).

I conclude that the DLNA features of the i8910 for 1280x720 are currently unserviceable, even if the AMR .mp4 files were recognised by my PS3.

I ask the community - how do you play your i8910 encoded videos back? - is it really this: take the HD content on your i8910, put it into the PC, re-encode it into mp4-aac (somehow), then take a USB key, back downstairs & play off the PS3? or perhaps via WM11 media server? This is really exciting (sarcasm).

I have asked Samsung UK to advise me how they intend me to view my vi8910 encoded videos on my Samsung LCD TV (A656 Full HD series). I have a reference number. The kind lady had no idea and asked me lots of questions about formats, what I wished to achieve etc., and then, I felt quite cheekily, asked me (me!) to do the above tests and find out the results. Well, before I get back to them, I share my free, hard-earned, beta-testing consumer results with you all.

PS The Samsung UK support lady said there was currently no TV-out cable accessory for the i8910, and offered me no advice about a potential Samsung WG100(?)-DLNA dongle I read about on these forums. In any case, I am not going to spend any more.

PPS I am not angry, or view the above a defect, just a massive missed opportunity to make the i8910 an even more fabulous device than it already is.

09-06-2009, 04:06 PM
I have found another forum from a posting/thread by olie, in these forums, just now with further interesting details on the i8910 camera's movie encoding "features", but no solutions! If anyone is interested - here's the direct link again.

09-06-2009, 04:14 PM
Now, not that I believe everything I see advertised by Samsung, but if you view this commercial:
especially the DLNA features from seconds 00:56 to 1:00; it all sounds very good, no?
But how do you actually watch your i8910's videos by DLNA (see my postings above?)...
Also, why does my handset's software not look as good as this?
(sarcastic question - Ans: Orange - thanks a lot, Orange UK)

09-06-2009, 09:33 PM
You should absolutely hold them to their word! False advertising, or deceptive advertising is such nonsense.

14-06-2009, 03:41 PM
So you noticed my thread?? :)
I am sad because I started it on 16th of March and, as of now, no improvements in audio recording were made..