View Full Version : New: IntelliGolf for the P800

28-02-2003, 04:18 AM
IntelliGolf is the first published MobileVB program for the P800. The software, available as an ealry release demo, is intended as an electronic golf score card for the P800.

More information at Handango ( F84368E417E94521F729996&platformId=4&productType=2 &productId=59662&sectionId=0&catalog=1).

Author Notes:

Awarded "Best Product of the Year" IntelliGolf® is the leading golf scorecard software for handhelds worldwide. Next month, IntelliGolf will be available for the Sony Ericsson P800 communicator. Until then you can download and try our FREE IntelliGolf for the P800 "demonstration" software.

Please note: IntelliGolf does require that the AppForge Booster software be installed onto your P800.

The IntelliGolf demonstration software will let you access and download any of our 17,000+ signature golf courses directly into your P800. No more entering hole yardages, par ratings and hole handicaps manually. IntelliGolf does it for you! Use the IntelliGolf demo software to view sample golf scoring screens, player statistics and graphs, wagering and sidegame screens, and even add and delete players. The IntelliGolf demo software will give you a good feel for the features coming soon to the P800. At only $19.95, IntelliGolf will be the only golf scorecard software for the P800 to include all 4 S's of golf: Scoring, Statistics, Sidegames and 17,000+ Signature courses all-in-one!

Join golfers in 100+ countries worldwide that are already using IntelliGolf to improve their game, increase their winnings and have more fun on the golf course. IntelliGolf -- Golf's #1 Scorecard Software!™. Try it today!