View Full Version : Standard Nokia Software Re-Flash

01-04-2009, 11:52 AM

I have an N76 that was branded to Vodafone.

I'd like to re-flash the software on the phone to a standard/generic Nokia OS, so that I don't have the Vodafone Operator Logo/GIF on startup, and get rid of the various Vodafone specific software/apps on the phone.

It's now running an Orange contract SIM.

I believe firmware is V 30.0.015. Type is RM-135. Product Code is 0550463.

Do I need to change the product code to enable the generic firmware to be installed, and if this is the case where do I find one.

I've seen the thread in the N95 section about product codes, and wondered if anyone had info about the same for the N76.

Many thanks in advance!