View Full Version : Updated: Handy Safe and Handy Day from Epocware

27-02-2003, 04:13 AM
Epocware have released new version of their excellent P800 software. Handy Safe is updated to version 2.0 with support for long notes and other small improvements. Handy Day version 1.5 is released with many fixes and new features.

Author Notes:
Epocware releases new versions of Sony Ericsson P800 applications.

EPOCWARE, a subsidiary of Paragon Software, keeps on developing high quality software for Sony Ericsson P800 and releases today new versions of its popular applications: Handy Safe 2.0 with Handy Safe Desktop 3.0 and Handy Day 1.5.

What's new: new features, fixes and improvements according to a great feedback from Handy Safe and Handy Day users.

New features, available in Handy Safe 2.0:
complete localizations
long notes for each record
many small fixes and improvements

Registered users of Handy Safe 1.5 can download the upgrade to Handy Safe 2.0 FREE OF CHARGE here:

For the details about changes made in Handy Safe Desktop 3.0, please, visit:

New version of Handy Safe Desktop 3.0 is available for FREE download here:

New features, available in Handy Day 1.5:
Fix: show new email messages
Fix: show ALL today's Calendar appointments
Tools button: for quick access to Task list, Infrared and Bluetooth
Show any day info (click the date at the top to change day)
Invoke Handy Day by press of Blue button (originally Internet)
"Default application" option is now splitted into "Appear after Flip open" and "Appear after Screensaver"

Registered users of Handy Day 1.0 can download the upgrade to Handy Day 1.5 FREE OF CHARGE here: