View Full Version : 6210 Navigator and O2 MMS

16-03-2009, 02:41 PM

Having an issue with a recently acquired 6210 Navigator on O2 'SIMPLICITY' in the UK. When receiving a picture message, regardless of original size, the network seems to be downsizing it to a tiny image - approx 2kb in size.

This doesn't happen on my previous S40 Nokia 6300, and doesn't happen if I use a different SIM from another network (Orange in this case).

The phone is correctly setup for both Mobile Internet and MMS.

I've always assumed that individual phone capabilities for MMS are stored somewhere centrally (e.g. as per this site - - there is a well-known Windows Mobile fix to cure this kind of issue through registry editing - but I guess this can't be done on S60?

Any other ideas? O2 support are being next to useless.