View Full Version : Problem with the Download! app

03-03-2009, 01:44 PM
My download app isn't working properly.

Upon opening it says that "Latest content needs to be loaded. Continue?"

I choose yes and it asks to connect to the network, again yes.

It then asks me to select a connection, I have my local WLAN internet and t-mobile wap available, I've tried both for this and neither work. When selecting a connection it shows the spinning animation but then beeps and shows a message "Some folders failed to load. Try again later".

Both my WLAN and wap are find for accessing the internet via the phone and I have no problems with other apps i.e. maps, e-mail etc... It's just this.

I did find a thread elsewhere for vodafone users that were having similar problems but nothing they suggested previously has helped.. thread is here

Any suggestions?