View Full Version : Software for 5800 (especially free)

27-01-2009, 09:03 AM
Could folk post good/compatible apps they have found.
Particularly free ones.

I have noticed that compatability mode (for s60v2 and v3) seems to be implemented in v11 firmware

Here are some I have found:

1. google maps seems to work fine
2. beta handwritten calculator (goto themes->download->beta labs)
3. mosh - loads of free programs, too many to mention (goto themes->download->services->mosh then pick games or apps).
4. opera mini (
5. quickoffice (yes its really free: use download system)
6. apps for chinese speakers:
7. Free apps from nokia india:
8. on-line game, works well:

In terms of paid for applications, I have found the DVD Catalyst converts perfectly from any video format for 5800 (I use mp4) and has even a new crop mode for the 640x360 screen.

has anyone found a Windows messenger free native app ? and anyone got the .sisx for bbc iplayer ?

27-01-2009, 01:12 PM
I'd add Dr Jukka's Y-Browser and Inclinometer to that list.

Also all the Epocware Handy software I've tried has worked very well but isn't free. (Handy shell is great on the 5800 and makes much better use of the space than the default standby screen)

Also there's a testing version of the superb Viewranger for the 5800.
It works pretty well already and they've got more 5800 specific enhancements to add
Again it's not-free but it is an absolutely brilliant bit of software.