View Full Version : Nokia newbie: A couple of questions re spellcheck and icons

07-01-2009, 02:27 PM
Hi all :-)

long time motorola razr user and recently joined the nokia crowd with my beloved N82. 2 questions (well 3 really)

The spellcheck auto predictive text doesn't give the option to complete the word. On a motorola, if the predictive text works out that I am typing the word 'misinterpret', it will offer the word up with the option to hit 'right' to auto-complete that word. On the N82 I have to continue to type out each letter of the word all the way to the end. Is there an add-on somewhere that can supplement the nokia spellcheck to make it a little more intuitive?

Predictive text question 2: It has decided that every time I try to type 'my', it is going to suggest 'ox' instead. Can I manually edit the dictionary or change the prefs somewhere for preferred words off certain keystrokes?

and finally, I use Opera Mini and Bloglines rather than Nokia's pretty weak RSS offering. Is there a way to add a straight bookmark to bloglines to launch within Opera as one of the six icons available in Live Standby mode?

Any suggestions for any of these questions much appreciated :)



edit - ok ok 4 questions :-) Why does my call log reset after a day or so when I have it set to 30 days?

08-01-2009, 05:26 PM
1. No, theres nothing built in to do this & I don't believe there is an add-on you can get elsewhere.
2. If you start a new message and just type "my" - when "ox" appears just change it to "my" - do this repeatedly till the phone 'learns' that this is your preference. (Pain in the arse but it does fix it)
3. No idea.
4. In log press options>>settings>>and change to longer time.