View Full Version : Will not start. Freezes at startup

02-01-2009, 03:11 AM

I just got an i8510 in december, and have updated the Route66 software.

It was wokring great for a while, but then I turned it off, and then when I turned it back on, my maps where gone. So I turned it off again and then when I turned it on, the OS froze. No buttons worked, so I took out the battery.

After I did that, it was working ok for a while, although it deleted all my pictures and mp3s on the phone. I then downloaded my maps onto my phone again.

Just to make sure my maps weren't going to disappear again, I turned the phone off, so I can see what happened when I turned it back on again. But now, my phone won't start. It turns on, and the Samsung name comes up, but it gets stuck there, for minutes and minutes, and it doesn't even get to the part where it asks me for my pin number.

Any ideas or suggestions on fixing it? I"m on vacation now, so I can't take it to the store, and wanted it to work while I was away :(

Is there any hard reset button?