View Full Version : SMS send failed

22-12-2008, 01:21 PM
Hello everyone,

My near-6-month-old SE P1i seems to be having this problem which is present since the first 2 months of its ownership. It doesn't seem to send texts longer than 160 chars, it gives the error message as "SMS send failed" after the text gets placed in the outbox. While researching upon this in Google, I found one site that said to disable 3G network in the Control Panel. I did so, and it worked for very little time. After that, again texts longer than 160 chars fail.

I'm finding it inconvenient to split the concatenated text (cut/paste) into multiple 160 chars text. On the other 2 SE P1i's in the family there is no such problem, and theirs is older than mine.

I hope there is a solution available for this.