View Full Version : Gallery - Images Thumbnails Generation Problem

01-12-2008, 07:59 AM
Hi all, I have been using mobile phone for quick snapshots. I have a collection of images which I want them to stay in my phones.

After I've got my 5800, I immediately transferred 1000+ images to the bundled 8GB Class 2 microSDHC card (I've got red 5800 in Hong Kong; the blue 5800 bundles with Class 4 non-Nokia imprinted microSDHC). The path is
"[microSDHC]:\Images\Archive" (created by myself).

Gallery - Images knows that there are images and *I believe* it tried to create thumbnails. It managed to create some (30 out of 14xx...) but that's all. On the other hand, tried very hard and get into image view (click the thumbnail), I can play the images one by one smoothly.

I thought it could be too much at a time. I tried 50 images again. Worse. Zero thumbnails created; it shows "X" (think of it as a place holder).

There hints though. To scroll through the page of thumbnails, it's very sluggish. I think it's working on the thumbnails creation.

Any thought?