View Full Version : Samsung i8510 mms and wap settings ?????????? HELP

11-11-2008, 06:05 AM
please help
i am from cyprus and i recently buy a Samsung i8510 from uk.
i need the mms and wap settings , i try from cyta vodafone but they said they dont have these setting because the phone isnt available to CYPRUS yet.
i heard about n95 8gb settings that may be compatible .
if someone have something ???????????????????? please
i think i am the only one in CYPRUS with this phone

11-11-2008, 04:34 PM
finally i found the solution
first of all the only mms wap settings that are compatible with Samsung i8510 are those of nokia n95 8gb.
tell your gsm providor to send you the settings of nokia n95 8gb.
if they cant then do what i do.
find a friend of you that owns a nokia n95 8gb , then remove his sim card and put yours. send a massage to your gsm providor asking the settings (in my case is (on mms) and as soon as the massage gone , switch off the n95 8 gb. then put your sim card back to Samsung i8510 , and in a few minutes the settings for mms of nokia will arrive on Samsung i8510 .save them and relax.

12-11-2008, 03:09 AM
That´s crafty! But I´m sorry to say it has nothing to do with N95 8gb... u just have to put your gsm carrier data in the right places... maybe because they´re both symbian and etc... it worked. Imagine everybody that owns the I8510 having to go after some N95 and do the craft... I had some headache at first fixing the configuration, and what I realised is that u have to put the IP address at the Proxy place, leaving the IP automatic, and use the door 8080, but, anyway, it depends on your carrier. The hint is very interesting. You´re a very crafty person. Thanks.