View Full Version : Battery not charging!

31-10-2008, 08:51 PM
Help! I have had my phone for almost a month now & I have been a bit concerned about my battery life despite reassurances from one or two people on here. I don't consider myself a heavy user by any stretch but even after switching off any apps running in the background once I've finished with them, I still struggle to get through a day without the battery giving up. I now have a more major problem as I can't get the battery to charge now! At first I thought it was a dodgy charger connection, but it has been deteriorating today and accepting charge for shorter and shorter periods, to the point now where it no longer charges when connected. This is regardless of which charger I connect to (I use mains, PC/USB and car chargers) I have heard mention of some dodgy batteries - am I right to assume this is the case with my phone or could there be some other problem causing this?