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30-10-2008, 10:41 PM
After listening to the latest Podcast I have a question...

In the Podcast, Rafe enthuses that with the demise of UIQ, Sony Ericsson are onboard with S60 now, and the torrent of S60 devices from Samsung (well, 3 or 4?) is testament to the momentum behind S60 now.

Yet going into any local phone shop, picking up any of the mobile phone magazines, what is getting more in your face? Sure the i8510 is there getting well deserved praise... but so too is the Samsung Omnia. And the imminent arrival of the SE Xperia has the hacks slavvering.

With the Omnia and Xperia both running Windows Mobile, is it blinkered to say that both Samsung and SE are fully backing S60 and the Symbian Foundation, or simply spreading their bets? In the podcast it is mentioned that Motorola have been guilty of playing the platform game, hop, skipping and jumping between UIQ, Windows Mobile, UIQ... haven't Samsung historically done exactly the same thing (including some Palm based oddities)?

Both the i8510 and the Omnia occupy the top-end of the smartphone market and sure, you can argue the differences in the form factor is the differentiator. Or even that the i8510 is for the N96 crowd and the Omnia for the iPhone mob... but no denying they are offering two top draw phones with broadly identical functionality - yet use different OS's?

If the Xperia's successsor runs S60 v5 then OK, I'll accept the argument more, but I'm betting it will still be using a variant of Windows Mobile. And as for Sony Ericsson - will we really see a P1i successor with S60, if there is a P1i succcessor at all?

Over to you!

31-10-2008, 09:34 AM
morpheus - I've lined this up as a question for this weeks podcast - thanks for asking it :)

In summary yes you're right about manufacturers multi-OS strategy. And yes this does mean in a sense that manufacturers don't fully back OS x y or z. Indeed the only company who has shown any consitancy with their platform strategy is Nokia.

Samsung have said at least 50% of their smartphones will be Symbian based and across a boradr portfolio (i.e. mid tier to high end). They're also using WM and looking at Android. But Samsng are making a major investment in S60 in producing families of devices / developer programs - that says a lot about their intent. I'd also expect their use of Symbian OS to be stepped up in some of their mid tier phones once Symbian goes to SF / opensource.

Sony Ericsson - yes you can expect a few more high end Xpreia phones using Windows Mobile. I expect S60 / SF to be used in mid tier to high end phones (i.e. the advanced ones that currently run SE's propotary OS). Longer term for Xperia is open to debate.

31-10-2008, 10:54 AM
You have to wonder how closely SonyE are watching how S60 V5 works out. I am of the strong opinion that they went with WM for the X1 since Symbian didnt have any proper (note I say 'proper', so not including UIQ) touchscreen OS out, at least not in time for the X1.

Wonder if they will swap back if the tube performs so much more stable than other WM devices.