View Full Version : Nokia N96 has built in Freeview.........According to Orange!

13-10-2008, 02:49 PM
Hey all,

Just had an interesting conversation with a gentleman in Orange Premier, as I have just come out of contract I was asking what phones were available to me and he asid that every single phone orange do would be free to me as my spend is high.....apart from the Nokia N96, which would be 99. I asked why that was and he said that becuse it has built in freeview orange have to pay a license for this and that costs them 109 per he was saying that even at 99 they were subsidising this charge as I was such a good customer!

I went on to query this with him and said so that means I can watch TV on this phone? He said yes you can was all free to air digital channels!

Now I am sure this is not correct, and was wondering if anyone else has heard this from Orange, or indeed any other network? Also it seems strange that they would have to pay 109 for a license for the phone to show freeview channels if indeed this is true!?

13-10-2008, 03:18 PM
How amusing. If thats the case, they might want to ask for a refund since DVB H is not available in this country for many years yet.

I think hes talking out of a blowhole tbh.