View Full Version : Bluetooth Handsfree (Parrott CK3100)

07-10-2008, 07:59 PM
I have the Parrott CK3100 in my car and the new Samsung i8510 which on start-up pairs very well and syncs very well too. However, after a short while or without warning it suddenly disconnects which causes a distraction. I have tried various settings on the Samsung. It seems that I can only re-establish a Bluetooth connection by powering down the phone unit (which can cause some dangerous driving!).

Also when I turn off the car and leave with my phone, I notice that the phone still has the car symbol in the right hand corner suggesting it is still connected. In fact, if I dial a number I have to select 'Handset' to receive the call or else speak to myself!

Has anyone had similar problems? Any solutions? I have tried changing the bluetooth settings such as 'remote sim' etc, but without success. I have asked Parrott and Samsung if they have any answers, but as yet nothing.

Suggestions appreciated.