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13-02-2003, 02:55 AM
Patria Ailon ( releases MONA ( =1,URL,/modules/page/show_page.asp?id=647C4A59B8804399AC12E29932BB6296& amp;prt=B5B5775C893849BAA3E21BC34786F44D&frm=M ENU_1&lid=AF4B258AB8AD429CB348486C91D0E988&lay out=patria_ailon&target=data_1&spinningid=AF4B258A B8AD429CB348486C91D0E988) monitoring application for 7650/3650 phones. It uses the camera for motion detection, and can be used to sound alarms and/or send messages when motion is detected. Buy it from Handango ( tionId=0&productType=2&platformId=4&productId=5585 5).

From site:

MONA - Monitoring Application
MONA is a very advanced monitoring application utilising the integrated digital camera and the SMS and multimedia messaging (MMS) features of the Nokia 7650/3650 mobile phones. MONA can be used for different motion detection applications where an alarm and/or a picture are needed from the alarming situation.

MONA configures the camera to take pictures at a certain frame rate and detects the motion between taken pictures. The pictures having motion can be stored to the memory of the phone. The motion can be indicated with a sound alarm. The alarm can be transferred to other phone via SMS messages. Via MMS messages it is also possible to transfer pictures from the monitoring phone.

The MONA application can be controlled remotely by SMS messages. The motion detection can be turned on and off, and SMS messages can also be used for requesting MONA to send pictures as MMS messages.

The saved pictures can then be viewed by the phone's own image viewer or they can be transferred to PC via infrared or bluetooth connection.

Fun - Image when you jump with you snowboard
Nature - image from you bird feeder when a rare bird arrives
Garage - Monitoring during the night-time
Home - Motion detection in monitoring situation
Summer cottage - Remote burglar alarm
Hotel room - Sound alarm in case of intruders
Industry - Alarm, when motion is not detected
On-demand monitoring - Picture (MMS message) can be ordered by SMS message

Motion Detection
Sensitivity can be calibrated
Image Saving
-Configurable image name and image count
-First or last images saved
-Date and time included in image
-Configurable image size
-E-mail via MMS
Configurable alarm count
Different alarm combinations allowed
Start Options for Monitoring
-Motion detection mode
-On-demand mode
-Timed mode
SMS Watchdog
Mona can be controlled remotely by SMS messages
Event Logging
All the events during a monitoring period are written to a log file

Buy it from Handango ( tionId=0&productType=2&platformId=4&productId=5585 5).
There is no trial version of this product.

Price: $19.95
Trial: No
Version: 1.03
Size on phone: