View Full Version : No N96 On Orange!!!

14-08-2008, 03:49 PM
Hey everyone, just a little update to let you know i was called by a man at Orange called Darren yesterday to try to tempt me to upgrade (I'm out of contract). He asked if anything interested me, and I said yes, the N96. He told me it was most unlikely Orange would be carrying the phone as it was 'constantly failing on their testing, it's in testing now and I don't think it'll make it. The N82 has been pulled for the same reasons, total unreliability' I told him it was Oranges software that was the problem (we all know that!) and he even said, 'yes, I know, but they won't release any phone without their software on it, and if it can't take it, it won't get issued.' It's at this point i'd like to tell you all that just last Friday, my boss got a brand new Nokia 6220 WITHOUT any Orange Branding! it came in the Orange Box, all sealed up, containing orange instructions, handbooks etc, but was missing the little orange logo on the phone itself, and also had NO ORANGE SOFTWARE! Whether this little fella escaped the net or what, i don't know, but I just thought I'd share my little bits of news with you all!