View Full Version : Horrible Calendar implementation

06-08-2008, 07:15 AM

Just purchased a P1i about a month ago (approx. a week before Symbian/SE decided to kill off UIQ :mad:) and it's been a frustrating experience. It's an extra-ordinarily poorly thought out phone :)

Obviously, I have many complaints, but I looking for help on just one (for now).

The phone allows me to attach follow-up notes/todos to calls, which is great. I can choose to move the task/note to the calendar, which seems an excellent shortcut to creating an appointment on the phone as it will put in the details of the person I spoke to + time of the call...

until I realise that moving it to calendar creates a reminder event, and not an appointment. I can't schedule a block of time, just a silly flag. Why? Isn't that amazingly daft?

Is there some way to modify this behaviour so that I can schedule a task/note as an appointment in the calendar (hard-calendaring), rather than as a reminder?

I tried DreamConnect, but it was very confusing (tiny tiny interface), and AquaCalendar won't install on my machine...

Please help.

Best Regards,
06/08/2008 17:15:13