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04-08-2008, 03:42 AM
hey there
Iam planning to buy N78 but i have a few concerns,

i read a review on mobile-review that says
The navigation key is quite a breeze to handle for it is mechanical. It retains an indicator that glows in white notifying the user of various events – as the settings put it, this mode is called “breathing”, it can be disabled in case you don’t like it.
Link here:
Mobile Review - N78 (

What all can i set this light to respond to?

On the same page it mentions that the camera is different from N73's 2.8/5.6 and is 2.8/4.6, what does that have in difference to the N73?

One more thing, does Nokia Maps run smoothly on N78? on N81 and N73 when zoomed in too much, even if the map is downloaded on the phone browsing around the areas is really slow and with lags but as i've seen on N95 its beautifully smooth, is it so in N78 and what bout N82?

Its really confusing on deciding between N78 and N82, I want a camera with a cover and great night shots but N78's look, and new firmware are really worth it.

thanks alot

05-08-2008, 07:52 PM
arnt there any N78 users out there to answer??
just wanna know as to how is the performance of nokia maps on N78...does it lag when browsing thru areas using the d-pad??

06-08-2008, 04:11 PM
1. Not sure what you meant by "What all can i set this light to respond to?" Basically when you enable the Navi wheel light, it will glow on and off so you know the phone is on when the screen is dark. You can disable it so it does not glow at all. The light is pretty gentle, not bright white light. You can always find your phone at dark if it is on.

2. Not sure about camera difference btwn N73 and N78. Basically N78's picture is pretty good during Sunny day. The night picture is not good if you compare with N82 due to weak flash. Otherwise the day picture btwn N78 and N82 is pretty close, but you do notice that N78 picture colour is not as full because of the pixel difference.

3. I have Nokia Maps 2.0 on my N78-3. It is pretty smooth. Not sure what kinda lag you meant. When I am moving around the map, the maps moves pretty well other than the picture is rendering to catch up at the edge of the screen where you are moving toward to. I think N82 might perform better b/c it has a graphic chip. Never got my hand on it so not sure...

I am in North America so no firmware update yet ..:mad: but they already have 2 firmware updates in Europe...

Hope this answers your questions

06-08-2008, 05:49 PM
hey thnx for the response...

about nokia maps...i meant that when u are moving around the map....does the picture flow smoothly with the cursor (like that of google maps) or it appears like a low FPS game where it shows one frame at a time and not in a continuous flow...cuz N95 doesnt have ne lag of that sort and both N73 and N81 have when u zoom out of ur city and browse around the cities the movement is faster and smoother compared to zoomed in (even if u already have th map downloaded) cuz it gets really slow and annoying when moving around cuz its so slow asking this cuz i wonder if n95 has smooth performance due to 3d accelerator cuz even n82 has that...i hope n78 is not that slow!

iam really confused between n82 and n78...does it make a big difference having 30fps recording compared to n78?

06-08-2008, 10:12 PM
hmm..I always look at where I am moving to so I would say it move pretty smoothly. If you are looking at the edge of the screen where you are moving to, then you definitely feel it is lagging. It is like you are play a game that has very low FPS waiting for picture to come up. The cursor is moving like on a grid one small step at the time so it is not like you are moving a cursor on a PC. It is fine when you are driving and the dot is moving though. I guess the map is moving slow enough so pictures have time to render. Not really sure about performance on n95.

I would image 30fps and 15fps is a big difference, especially you are video taping a very busy background. Here is a sample of n78 video taken by you can take a look. Here is the sample of n82 video from

07-08-2008, 09:58 AM
I had an N82 for a week or so before changing to an N78 which I still have.

re maps, i didnt use it on the N82, but it is jerky when scrolling on the N78

also, video recording is way better on the N82

But main reason i prefer the N78 is the brighter screen and bigger battery

07-08-2008, 08:14 PM
thnx for ur response
jerky scrolling is really sad...dont know why nokia doesnt improve that...cuz its so
much fun browsing in google maps...
i saw a video sample of n78 on gsm arena...found it good enough, im not looking for dvd quality...just decent watchable quality....
as u've used both the phones...can u tell me which one u found more pleasant to use and faster in response.....

check this link:
is this true?? I mean on default settings decent amount of light N78 performed much better than n82??

10-08-2008, 12:19 AM
i read on the following link that using satellite navigation through A-GPS is optional...meaning u can deactivate A-GPS and connect directly through GPS without having to pay for data that true? its even mentioned that N78 is more faster than N82 to get the initial satellite lock...

2) Can someone tell me the difference in quality of the stereo speakers between N78 and N82?

3) On the same link its mentioned that N78s music players performace is lower than N82 and that N82 is not as good as it that badd??

still confused between the phones ...cuz the price difference is just mere $10 for 78 and 82 black out here
...just cuz of the battery problem and Symbian FP1 in N82 i cant decide...