View Full Version : OpenFindMe v1.1 released - Open gps and gprs tracking solution with remote activation

26-07-2008, 05:39 PM
Hi all,

I have been working on this project for a while and now I want to share it on the Internet.

OpenFindMe aims to provide an open alternative for tracking. It gives the user the ability to track their position using a GPS and an Internet connection. Thanks to their open protocol any tool can be integrated with online open tracking system OpenFindMe (

I wrote an open source Symbian 2nd Edition client application that is integrated with this platform. It is hosted at (

With this tool your phone will connect to the GPS and the Internet at the same time and it will start to send the GPS position to the OpenFindMe server. If at the same time you are logged in to the OpenFindMe website, you'll be able to see the position on the map.

This new version supports remote activation. With this feature you can start and stop the connection remotely without any manual interaction at all. Basically the phone will connect automatically when a call is received from the number you specified on the settings. Once the call is received, the application will hung up immediately and it will start the sending their position. At this point you can log into the website and see where is your phone. To stop the connection remotely you will have to call again, in this case the phone will wait 4 sec and then it will hung up automatically.

For more information you can visit ( and