View Full Version : N82 update failed changing Product code

19-07-2008, 03:08 AM
Sorry for my bad English.

So, i need to know if anybody has got some trouble updating his N82 after changing product code trough Nemesis Service Suite (NSS).

So this is what happens. I read the info about changing language package you just need to change the product code trough NSS and after that to make an update of phone's software obviously using Nokia Software Updater (NSU).

I changed the product code to Emerging Markets and Euro 1 also (as i know includes Spain), but after that trying to update the software or reinstalling, NSU always brings me the message "Update failed" or that i have to "Remove battery and charger", but i do this and it never works.

With my old product code that is for ASIA, i,ve already made an update of the phone software to 20.0.062 (28-02-08), i didn't get any trouble, but that was before i changed the code. i wrote old product code back into the phone trough NSS, and making the update i got the same trouble.

So, any help?

I will thank you.

Nokia N82 (RM-313)