View Full Version : Is N-Gage coming to the US? And why is it so expensive!?!

17-07-2008, 09:13 AM
Hey guys, I really think the new n-gage phones and the games look great and the titles coming out look pretty cool. I would LVOE to have a quality phone and a quality gaming device in one. I live in the US and I never hear of it here. Is it in the US yet? Will it ever come here if it's not here already? Also, When will they release some decent priced phones that work with it? Who the heck can afford $300-$600 for a cell phone man... They need to rlease a sub 200 or less phone to compete at all.

17-07-2008, 02:26 PM
I just answered your question in the other thread:

In short: the current N-Gage-compatible models mostly use top-of-the-range hardware (especially the cameras which are the best on any phone). That's why they cost so much without a contract.


N-Gage IS coming to much cheaper phones later in the year, at around the 200 mark you mentioned without a contract, or zero on contract. See the link above for more details. The idea is that eventually N-Gage will be on every new Nokia S60 model as standard, including the cheapest ones.