View Full Version : P1i/UIQ 3 and bluetooth keyboards

15-07-2008, 03:06 PM
I've recently bought a new Sony Ericsson P1i and am keen to link it up with a bluetooth keyboard. I'm studying part time and thought it would be useful to type notes directly from books and journals into the phone rather than carrying a laptop around with me.

I've been researching the issue on the internet and the picture is unclear, even after reading an article on this website. I have contacted Sony Ericsson and they were unwilling to help. A number of the companies selling keyboards say they don't support UIQ 3 (or the P1i). Some webpages say it is possible to pair with a keyboard, but not benefit from short cut keys etc.

Are there any forum members out there who are using the P1i, or other phones using the UIQ 3 operating system, with a bluetooth keyboard? If so, it would be very useful if you could let me know which keyboard you are using and how is it performing.

With thanks