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14-07-2008, 12:23 AM
Hi guy's I'm just wondering if in the UK a exclusive deal as been signed with a network to distribute the N96, like what nokia signed with vodafone for the N95 8GB when that was 1st released for the 1st few months.
Also will there be Pay & go devices from launch date?

OFF Topic:
i watched a program on BBC this morning there was a part in it about touchscreen phones and they claimed Nokia''s answer to the Iphone will be here December
if any1 wants to watch the program watch it here >
I think it's Only viewable to UK viewers but try anyway
Its called CLICK and is about all modern electricals/tech like camera's ,Internet ,Phones etc
I agree with their view's on Iphone ,one which is it's just merley catching up with the rest of the Mobile world,not revolutionising it like they(Apple) like to claim

This makes me wonder should i get N96 or carry on using my N95 8GB and wait a few months b/c as much as i don't want to admit it touchscreen is the future or atleast it's the thing to have for the next few years until the novelty becomes boring,
much like them minature devices they was must have's few years back but now people want bigger phones for the screens
I think the screen sizes will be here to stay but touchscreen will faze out in a few years time when it becomes the norm and everybody as one
My big decision about what to get will be made when i find out more info b/c no matter what i go for it as to have N-gage compatibility

14-07-2008, 10:18 AM
The latest and greatest is always around the corner.

Not sure what to advise really... the first touch screen devices from Nokia may not be that great... i.e. it may take a few version to get it right. I would also imagine that N-Gage compatibility may take a while. Bear in mind there's no N-Gage on FP2 phones (N96) at the current time. It might have it by the time the N96 is on the market though.