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07-02-2003, 03:12 PM
Can't get the Notes calender to sync with the phone since I started using version 1.1.1 (despite fresh install and using "master reset" on phone).
Any ideas ?

When using POP3 in Notes to sync with the phone the view "All documents" is treated as the "Inbox" so I got around 600 messages (only subject line though) to the phone.
Is this a bug or what ?

If you enter a password in the "Sync Station Setting" the pasword is saved in plain text in a file called "hermes.mdb"
A feature ?

and a silly thing...
If you are accessing data on the SmartCart (like playing music) and replace the pen in it's socket the SmartCard is moved amd data access is temporarily lost. Seems as the card sticks out just a little bit too much.
Replacement phone ?

If you like to play DOOM

Thank you
/Jake :o