View Full Version : Devicescape and Nokia E71 - WARNING

04-07-2008, 09:50 AM
Don't install the current version of Devicescape (2.06) if you have an E71.
It causes the phone to crash when trying to use WiFi in any application.

In my case I had Internet Tel set to connect automatically, this sent my E71 (which I had just spent the day setting up) to go into a continuous loop, rebooting then immediately crashing, even starting in offline mode.

The only way to cure it was to do a full format, (Hold Green, 3, * and turn on).

Just to prove the point I checked WiFi was working, then installed devicescape again (this time with no Internet Tel), and it immediately started crashing again, uninstalled and worked fine.

Have reported this to Devicescape, so install at your peril