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27-06-2008, 03:15 AM
Hello there, I just recently got a new 6120, and I'm new to the file system of this symbian v3 fp1 version, which is completely different from what I had on my old old 3660. Well I have something simple to ask, I've installed a java application to my phone, and it closes, due to an exception error, I think it was still running at the background when I tried to remove it, and it failed, sort of, but some of the files together with the jar file was removed, but it now left the icon in the application folder, when i remove it, nothing seems to happen, i've searched through the memory card, and i've removed what I think it related to that file, but it's still there...any ideas? if i remove the memory card, the icon will be gone, i know if i format the card, it'll be fine, but i don't want to do that...sorry for the long post, i hope u understand what i'm saying here=>

It's not just as simple as it used to be, due to the improved security on the file system, help? =>

Thanks for reading,

Kevin - Malaysia

hmmm...thing might help...I found search the memory card for the file name, deleted the folder in private, then i did another search in every files in the memory card, and then look inside if the file contains the file name, and deleted it as well, so now the original icon of that file is not there, but the default application icon is shown.

14-08-2008, 09:31 AM
hey guys, I manage to find the install of that program, and I try installing it back, but it's still the same once the program is removed, so there's no luck with that, so I did myself some digging in all of the files in the memory card, and saw those linkage of the numbers which is tied to that particular file and I manage to delete's so hard to find it out...but I did...if this is installed on the phone, we can't do anything can't we?=>

Thanks for reading / helping...