View Full Version : Updated: PhotoSMS to version 1.21

06-02-2003, 01:33 AM
Yellow Computing have updated their PhotoSMS program. The updates include switching dithering on or off and better edge recognition on conversion. Yellow have also launched a new wesbite ( for the their Symbian OS products (nice improvement Yellow!).

The program is intended to take photos from your Series 60 device and turn them into picture messages to send to other phones. The new version supports switching "Dithering" on or off and there is better algorithm to recognize the edges. These new features mean much better results in conversions.

The new website has a really good feature which I recommend other dvelopers follow, they offer a chance to download a localisation file, this means you can convert the software into your own langauge (with a bit of work from you). Best of all if your the first users of a particular language to do the conversion you get a free liscense of the product. Nice incentive Yellow!