View Full Version : w960i Connection Problems

Kilted Ninja
20-05-2008, 07:11 PM
Hi guys,

I have searched around the internet and these forums but I havent really found anyone experiencing the same problems as me.

Basically, I have downloaded the new version of PC suite and Media Manager and I am using a Vista 32bit home premium laptop.
When I connect the w960i to the PC in "Normal" mode everything is fine. I can use the PC to look at my files etc.

What I want to do though is use "Fast Transfer" mode to put the songs and files on. However, when I connect the phone in fast transfer mode the computer installs it as a Sony Ericsson w960i, this would usually be fine, but when I try to use Media Manager it says the phone isnt connected. So, I think ok I will uninstall this driver. (It also has a habit of crashing Windows Explorer if I try to access it)

Vista now finds the phone as a USB mass storage device, but when I got to My Computer I cant find it there. It appears in the Device Manager but I cant access it. I dont really know what else I can do and I dont want to put my 6gbs of music on my phone via normal (aka slow) mode.

If anyone has experienced this problem before I appreciate any help you can offer!!