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16-04-2008, 06:39 PM
Hi all,

Like the thread title say's i have a question/s about Garmin Mobile XT V4.10.80 and using it on my N95 8Gb, V20.0.016 firmware handset.

Anyway i have the software fully installed with the maps i need. Camera's and voice files. But i am having trouble actually aquiring a GPS signal. I have Internal GPS switched on in the settings of the phone but not A-GPS. Do i need to have this enabled aswell? I am bit affraid that A-GPS costs though. Does it and will it with Garmin XT? If so will standard Internal GPS setting do? And if i am correct in thinking it just takes longer to aquire a signal. Yes?

Also on the subject of aquiring a GPS signal i read somwhere that there maybe a program to kickstart the GPS signal. Is there and do i need something like this? If so does anyone have any useful links please? :)

Thanks in advance for any info ;)

Edit: I solved it. I was actually using V4.10.60 and that didn't seem to have the option for enabling use of Internal GPS. Upgraded to V4.10.80 and that works perfect in every way now ;)

24-04-2008, 04:22 AM
It's interesting that you say it couldn't pick up the internal GPS with the previous software. That shouldn't have made any difference. What happens is - when you run Garmin MobileXT for the first time and it is searching for a GPS signal - click CANCEL - go to the GPS page (in GMobileXT) you will see options - 'use bluetooth gps, use internal gps" - so you would select internal GPS.

On the phone settings - Tools > Settings > General > Positioning - you have to enable internal GPS. That way when Garmin MobileXT starts each time it automatically starts the phone gps

Lastly - the phone internal GPS is at the bootom of the keypad so if the phone is closed it is effectively blocking the gps from the sky - better to open the phone.

24-04-2008, 04:24 AM
Of course - if the Garmin Software (not the maps) hasn't been unlocked then you wouldn't have the option of using the phones internal GPS

24-04-2008, 07:20 AM
A-GPS uses about 5-6KB data everytime you start the GPS, depending on your dataprices and whether your carrier has a minimum data amount for each connection it may be cheap or expensive.

My carrier charges pr. 1KB so even with roaming data prices of about €7-8 each lock cost no more than about €0,04

But some carriers charge you a minimum of 50KB pr. connection which of course makes the price about 10x higher.

But the GPS is MUCH faster with A-GPS enabled, I usually get a lock within 10 sec.