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08-04-2008, 07:49 PM
Hi I've got myself a W960 which I'm really pleased with.
Couple of questions....
I can connect to the WLAN at home and access the web with no problem at all.
At work I've connected to the WEP protected WLAN but cannot get any futher as I'm not sure how to configure the phone's internet settings to find my company's proxy server for internet access. Any ideas?

Secondly, whilst connected to my home or work network, I'd like to be able to browse to different file locations (like you can in Windows Explorer). Is this possible with the software in the phone as is or do I need to get hold of some extra software to allow this kind of exploring?

Many thanks,

08-04-2008, 11:35 PM

Proxy - it can be done. For each WLAN connection, there's an associated internet account. Go to your connections manager (Tools -> Connections manager) and then More -> Settings -> Internet Accounts. For your WLAN connection you should have an assiociated internet account. Select the account and hit Edit. Then in the account setup, click More and then Proxy. You can set proxy settings there.

Browsing files - there's no real capability to do this on the phone out of the box. I use SymSMB ( - you want the UIQ3 edition) which lets you do "windows explorer" style connections of drives, networked servers etc - pretty cool product (and no I'm not affiliated with them!)

Hope that helps,